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13:40 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extract various AMD CPU model features #time 2h 30...
milovanovicm authored b06ae9 on milos-dev
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19:01 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extract AMD Phenom CPU #time 30m Extract AMD Phenom CPU
milovanovicm authored 641099 on milos-dev
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18:38 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extract i{3|5|7}, core and other Intel CPUs #time 2h Extract i{3|...
milovanovicm authored d0bb0e on milos-dev
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16:36 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extract Pentium, update Celeron CPU #time 2h Extract Pentium, updat...
milovanovicm authored 59d4b2 on milos-dev
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14:43 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extract Atom and Celeron CPU #time 2h Extract Atom and Celeron CPU
milovanovicm authored 0f639c on milos-dev
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11:20 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extract Athlon CPU #time 1h 30m Extract Athlon CPU
milovanovicm authored 6f2465 on milos-dev
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10:25 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extract HP CPU features; started AMD CPU extraction #time 1h 30 m Ex...
milovanovicm authored 68b63e on milos-dev
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3 days ago
22:01 eprofilers_development EPD-24 extract VIA CPU features #time 1h extract VIA CPU features
milovanovicm authored 59bc5a on milos-dev
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17:11 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Update regexes according to categories; extract CPU info categories ...
milovanovicm authored c78841 on milos-dev
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14:42 eprofilers_development EPD-34 Master Data for Processors
benakesh authored 18ba41 on Etl
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12:00 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Update regexes according to categories; Category exploration; Colors...
milovanovicm authored fa67c4 on milos-dev
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4 days ago
17:13 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extracting peripherals features; regex updates #time 1h 30m Extracti...
milovanovicm authored 2c4bfa on milos-dev
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15:34 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extracting cable features; regex updates #time 3h Extracting cable f...
milovanovicm authored 53549e on milos-dev
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12:32 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extracting TVs and games&consoles features #time 3h 30m Extracting T...
milovanovicm authored 53a01e on milos-dev
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8 days ago
15:26 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extracting storage media features #time 1h Extracting storage media ...
milovanovicm authored cea669 on milos-dev
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15:12 eprofilers_development EPD-32 data cleansing on brand names
benakesh authored a11c1e on Etl
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14:56 eprofilers_development EPD-32 data cleansing on brand names
benakesh authored ab388b on master
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14:24 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extracting network appliance features #time 1h 30m Extracting networ...
milovanovicm authored fd0b6c on milos-dev
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10:58 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extracting cellphone accessories and RAM component features #time 2h...
milovanovicm authored 1449ee on milos-dev
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9 days ago
17:41 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Updated regexes - cpu, gps, hard drives #time 1h Updated regexes - c...
milovanovicm authored fe6747 on milos-dev
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16:14 eprofilers_development EPD-15 Prepare a script for processing files (regex and brand name extracti...
milovanovicm authored 5105c1 on milos-dev
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16:12 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extract cellphones accessories- added exploration notebook #time 2h ...
milovanovicm authored eba3cd on milos-dev
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12:23 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extract audio devices features - added exploration notebook #time 3h...
milovanovicm authored 288a6a on milos-dev
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10 days ago
17:09 eprofilers_development EPD-24 Extract cellphones features - added exploration notebook;
milovanovicm authored ec885e on milos-dev
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13:36 eprofilers_development EPD-27-Test
vineeth authored e1cae7 on master
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13:31 eprofilers_development EPD-27- Remove duplicates from brandnames
vineeth authored b9c5fb on Etl
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13:13 eprofilers_development EPD-29 Testing smart commits
milovanovicm authored b626bf on milos-dev
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017
17:21 eprofilers_development Added various exploration notebooks
milovanovicm authored abea5f on milos-dev
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